SkooCloud provides DataBridge hosting for PixSell, InterSell and MiniSell, Digital Asset Management (DAM) image and file sharing, and an infinitely scalable Product Information (PIM) database.

DAM Basic 

• Integration with PixSell
• Upload/manage PixSell images and presentation screen, videos and PDFs
• Up to two users with a non branded interface
• One customer share trial

PIM Basic

• Upload and manage extended product attributes for all your active lines
• Three trial data exports
• This product is available to DAM ‘Basic’ and ‘Full’ users

DAM Full

• Share images, videos and PDFs, internally and externally (customers/suppliers etc.)
• Unique URL and your company branded interface
• From 10 full users, 100 view users, 25GB (all scalable according to requirement)
• 3rd party integration with API (send images to your existing website)

PIM Full

• Upload and manage infinite extended product attributes for infinite lines
• Ability to share combinations of extended product attributes
• Define access based upon role and relationship of the user
• 100+ data exports template

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