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B2B eCommerce

  • Reduced phone and email orders and increased online orders – saving on resource
  • SIA save time by managing datafeeds for both PixSell and InterSell via the DataBridge
  • InterSell makes for a stronger, more trusting working relationship between supplier and customer

SIA also use PixSell

InterSell eCommerce in fashion with SIA

SIA wanted to bring all their B2B orders in via eCommerce and their sales reps, and turned to Aspin to provide a solution. SIA’s prior success with Aspin’s PixSell iPad ordering prompted their interest in an Aspin B2B eCommerce website for the Paris based home-fashion designers. ‘InterSell’ – Aspin’s web based solution was implemented to bring all incoming orders in line with SIA’s chosen sales channels (mobile and online) and in 2015 SIA are pleased to announce that Aspin process the majority of their B2B orders.

PixSell iPad ordering facilitated an upgrade in the way that SIA’s mobile sales team worked and has subsequently enabled them to sync their orders back into Navision whilst on the move. This was a well needed overhaul for the sales processes, however there was still a number of retail customers placing their top-up orders via phone and email. This left some disconnect where sales channels were concerned and SIA identified a B2B trade ordering portal as the remedy to give them a better oversight and more control of their customers’ buying behaviour.

Time saving when uploading new products and stock levels

During the scoping and implementation of the project, Aspin were able to take advantage of their prior knowledge of SIA’s data and integration with PixSell. Consequently, at head office in Paris, SIA are now able to manage their datafeeds for both applications via the DataBridge. The DataBridge is an Aspin hosted cloud application that handles the data between the applications and the data hub (generally an ERP platform). Each application can be updated with one action – a real time saver when uploading new products and stock levels.

Web order history positive addition to customer buying experience

The key project drivers for SIA were to give the customer more buying control and insight into their account. Web order history, completed and undispatched orders from all sales channels (PixSell and InterSell) and open items are all available to the customer and have been a positive addition to the customer buying experience. These reports have given the customer a sense of clarity and confidence as they can access their account at any time. This makes for a stronger and more trusting working relationship between the supplier and the customer.

We’re really happy with our choosing of Aspin

Distributing products promptly and accurately are second nature to SIA, assisted by the automation of their ordering channels using Aspin’s InterSell and PixSell. In addition to their delight at the software, SIA have spoken of their pleasure in working alongside Aspin. “What a professional team with complete dedication to their project deadlines. We’re really happy with our choosing of Aspin as our software vendor – we would call this is a successful collaboration!