iPad ordering for sales reps

  • Made cost savings for Enesco
  • Delivered PixSell in multiple languages so all Enesco sales people use same software
  • Revolutionised Enesco’s order taking

PixSell the perfect gift for Enesco sales reps

Enesco Limited is renowned worldwide for innovative and humorous gifts, stylish home décor and desirable collectables. Getting more collections into more high street retailers, and faster, has been an on-going target for the company. Going live with PixSell from Aspin in 2014 has shown early results and has helped to further cement a 10 year relationship.

 “PixSell reduces the need for printed catalogues, and is more engaging for our customers.” David Philippou, Enesco’s Global Technology Director told us. Cost savings are paramount for organisations using PixSell and in a fast moving sector with ever-changing IT needs, staff are freed up for doing other back office support activities.

Multiple languages, multiple currencies

Aspin asked David why Enesco initially looked at PixSell. “As we’re a global company, it was critical that the product supported multiple languages and multiple currencies and PixSell had been built with this in mind.” Indeed, PixSell is in use around the globe in 17 different countries and this is growing all the time. The Aspin team are waiting and ready for any international challenge.

Commenting on the PixSell’s back office system, Helen told us “The management system is extremely straight forward, so changing the presentation is quick and easy.”

Revolutionised order taking

Aspin are proud to work with Enesco. Pawel Trafas, IT Systems and Network Analyst at Enesco commented on the long standing relationship, “We’ve been working with Aspin for more than 10 years. Initially with MiniSell, and with now PixSell and InterSell. Prior to MiniSell we used paper order forms. MiniSell revolutionised order taking as everything was done electronically.”

“In an era of mobile devices, iPads and further popularisation of internet and shopping online, PixSell and InterSell took us a step further and brought us in line with these new technologies. It significantly reduced the need for printed catalogues, as product pictures are now present in InterSell and PixSell so customers can see them in high resolution.”

Brilliant product

At Aspin, support for customers is on-going. Pawel added “From my personal experience working with the Aspin team I can say that they are always extremely professional and helpful.  From an IT point of view, it is important to have a skilled technical team to support a brilliant product.”