Pennine Leisure report increased sales after 2 months of PixSell

January 11, 2018 Aspin PixSell

If Pennine are seeing an increase in orders during their quiet season, we can’t wait to see what happens during the summer…

Caravan accessories supplier Pennine Leisure are into their third month of using PixSell iPad ordering for their sales team. We stopped them in their tracks to find out how the system was measuring up against their key performance indicators that we identified during pre-sales.

Aspin: One of the frustrations at head office was that everyone had to rally round to get orders entered into Syspro. How has having a system with an electronic order import impacted you all, and alleviated this pressure?

Pennine: This was a frustration for us. We never had a dedicated individual to do this task, and it was constantly distracting us all away from our day jobs. Now that we don’t have to sit there and enter in orders line by line, there is more focus on the likes of accounting, marketing and much more. In particular, we are able to allocate a substantial amount of time to stock management. We’re a seasonal business, and it’s important to have stock of the appropriate items in the right months – and that takes planning and strategy if we want to maximise our customer service levels.

At this time of year, we are receiving our ‘Winter stocking’ orders which are in excess of 100 lines – not having to enter by hand this has been revolutionary!

Aspin: Are the reps seeing more customers in a day? That was something you’d wanted to happen.

Pennine: They must be – as we have more orders than usual coming back to head office, and that is fantastic! User feedback from the reps has been a mixed bag in that some are inclined to technology straightaway and some will take a little longer to feel confident with it. One thing that they have all said however, is that they can find a customer site much more easily than before thanks to the mapping functions on the app. That is giving them more time to see more customers in a day.

We think it’s safe to say that PixSell will be a rewarding investment for Pennine already, with these results at such an early stage. We will be checking back in with Pennine after their busy season to reassess the success of the system.

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Thank you to Harrison at Pennine for his comments.